Elizarova Design Studio

ZeppelinModern Adjustable Wall Sconce

The image of Zeppelin inspired Ekaterina Elizarova to design this modern adjustable wall sconce concept. The beginning of the 20th century was the golden age of aerostatics. The dream of conquering the sky occupied the best minds of the time. This is when the first Zeppelin, a fabulous floating giant, first threw its shadow onto the wonderstruck public on Earth. The airships boosted the inspiration of the writers, poets, and artists who would soon create a whole new universe around the advanced technology. Even today, when we have super jets, space shuttles and helicopters, the first skywalkers remain a symbol of the heavenly dreams which keep inspiring. Ekaterina Elizarova took this symbol and interpreted it into the design of the capsule wall lamp.

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Stylish Flexible Wall Light Fixture

This flexible wall light fixture takes its clean, streamlined shape from the legendary airship. The capsule made in handblown glass is embraced by the metal cylinder, which hides the socket and, partially, the bulb. Two positions, vertical and horizontal, are available, thanks to the flexible holder. The capsule wall sconce emits soft and smooth light, creating a relaxed ambiance.