Elizarova Design Studio

Secret passion 2.0Modern Dressing Table with Oval Mirror

Limited Edition

This limited-edition modern dressing table with oval mirror takes the sensuality of its predecessor, the Secret Passion white makeup desk with drawers, to the next level. Black and white, it celebrates contrast, which is Ekaterina Elizarova’s unmistakable designer signature. The shape is elegantly simple and clean. The big off-center oval vanity mirror creates a playful asymmetry.


Wood, steel, glass, and silk.

Bring Hidden Treasures to Light

The transparent glass top of the Alien 3.0 vanity exposes your treasures hidden in the drawers. Glass, faceted mirrors, high-gloss varnish and polished steel catch the light, and reflect it in the most charming manner. This unusual dressing table with oval mirror shines brightly — just like feminine beauty at its finest. Ruby silk handles further emphasize this ladylike feel, as well as the contrast of the black and white duochrome.


Makeup Desk Made in Italy from Fine Materials

The Secret Passion 2.0 makeup desk is made in Italy from fine materials such as wood, steel and glass. The design may seem laconic at a glance but take a closer look, and you will see how magnificently the materials intertwine and how perfectly the small details follow one another’s shape. They are different and yet, together, they form a perfect harmony and make up the distinct feminine feel provided by this luxury bedroom table.


Award-Winning Bedroom Vanity Design

The Secret Passion 2.0 high-gloss bedroom vanity table was first showcased at Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week 2014. It took Design and Design award in Paris and later, in 2016, the original piece was acquired at Tajan auction in the French capital. The Secret Passion 2.0 dressing table series is limited to twelve unique copies each crafted in Italy.