Elizarova Design Studio

Orion ConsoleGrey Console Table with Drawers

Orion Bedroom

This grey console table with drawers is part of the Orion Bedroom collection designed exclusively for one of the most famous Italian luxury furniture brands, Capital Collection, by Ekaterina Elizarova. However, the design of the vanity allows it to perform as an independent element, capable of adding a cosmic touch to the interior of a fine bedroom.

Vanity Design Inspired by Outer Space

Outer space has always been a dream that excited musicians, painters and poets, boosting their creative imagination. Ekaterina Elizarova, an artist-like product designer was touched by the celestial dream too, which inspired her to create the Orion bedroom collection including this vanity table. 

Stargazers group stars into constellations by drawing invisible lines that link the celestial bodies with each other. Just like an astronomer, Ekaterina has created connections between edges and tops of the furniture using gentle goldish insertions of metal. This similarity to a constellation prompted the name of Orion.

Modern Console Table for Various Interiors

Just like other items in the Orion collection, this modern console table can perform well in various interior contexts, whether it is a bedroom, entryway, hallway, or dining area. Several finish options provide the design with additional flexibility. This vanity desk, for example, has two variations of drawers facade: flat or tufted upholstery. It features a rectangular tabletop with a smooth edge, straight rectangular sides, goldish handles, and metal insertions.

Contemporary Design for the Italian Luxury Furniture Brand, Capital Collection

Ekaterina Elizarova is the first and only Russian designer who has ever been invited to collaborate with Capital Collection, the Italian luxury furniture brand that has been working with the most influential designers, such as Luca Scacchetti. The vision of the designer proved very similar to that of Capital Collection, and the company even chose her to design their trade show booth at Salone del Mobile 2016 featuring this grey console table with drawers.