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Orion BedDesigner Double Bed with Headboard

Orion Bedroom

The Orion designer double bed with headboard is part of the Orion Bedroom born from a collaboration Ekaterina Elizarova and an Italian luxury furniture brand, Capital Collection. In the coldness of outer space, the unearthly beauty unfolds before your eyes. Stars and meteors, galaxies and planets — how astonishing they are, how moving and how unreachable! The outer space has always been a dream that excited musicians, painters and poets, boosting their creative imagination. Ekaterina Elizarova, an artist-like designer, was touched by this dream too, which inspired her to design the Orion Bedroom featuring this luxurious large bed for two.


Wood, nubuck, polyurethane and metal.

Modern Luxury Bed Made in Italy

The Orion modern luxury bed is made in Italy by Capital Collection. The metal basement holds the frame of wood and steel profile, covered with rigid polyurethane foam padding. While being the central element of the Orion Bedroom, the bed poses a certain sort of independence which allows it to be an eye-catcher piece in various interior contexts. Headboards can be produced in one of three different sizes which provides additional flexibility. Apart from size options, there are three finishing variations available for the headboards of this designer double bed: flat upholstery, tufted surface and metal insertions. Finally, the bed is available in two color options — creamy champagne and stardust. 


Ekaterina Elizarova is the first and only Russian designer who has ever been invited to collaborate with the Italian luxury furniture brand that has worked with the most influential designers, such as Luca Scachetti. The vision of the designer proved very similar to that of Capital Collection, and the company even chose her to design their booth at Salone del Mobile 2016 featuring this contemporary designer double bed with headboards as part of the Orion collection.