Elizarova Design Studio

OrchidModern Dining Chair Design

This modern dining chair design is inspired by flowers, as its name suggests. If you wake up early, before the break of the dawn, you have a chance to see the magic of life unfold before your very eyes. Go to a garden or park where flowers are still quietly sleeping, arm yourself with patience, and wait. Don’t rush! It won’t take long before the children of Flora will begin to awaken, welcoming the first distant gleam over the horizon. Gradually and gracefully, they will begin opening to the sunrise to finally shine in all their glory. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished,” Lao Tzu once said. Ekaterina Elizarova captured this moment and interpreted it into the design of the Orchid accent chair.

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Upholstered Side Chair

The back and bottom of this upholstered side chair, made from veneered moulded plywood, bear unmistakable reference to the flower petals which haven’t yet fully opened to the sun. This shape invites you to take a seat and let the Orchid gently embrace you. No matter which material the chair is lined with, be it leather, textile, or nubuck, it remains a fine nuance of an interior design. The body of this contemporary dining chair rests on thin metal legs that reflect the light, creating an airy effect.