Elizarova Design Studio
Gold and Silver Collar Bar, Designer Tie Accessory

On_EdgeGold and Silver Collar Bar

Jewelry Collection

The On Edge gold and silver collar bar is the first jewelry collection in the famous Russian designer’s portfolio. Achieving clear geometry at its finest in luxury product design is a skill that Ekaterina Elizarova has honed to perfection. On Edge celebrates this beautiful art.


Gold, silver, mountain crystal, and black quartz.

Collar Pins, Clips and Bars — Not Men Only Accessory

Collar pins, clips and bars have been long known exclusively as a male accessory — another rule that the rebel designer breaks The very first copy of On Edge has been an undeniable final touch to Ekaterina’s own image for a while now. This limited-edition designer jewelry piece, is catching the eye of the public whenever she is lecturing or visiting another fair featuring her stunning works.


Designer Jewelry with Natural Crystal and Quartz

The body of this designer jewelry piece can be either made of silver or covered with gold. The collar bar ends on both sides with pikes handcrafted from mountain crystal or black quartz. Thanks to the special custom cutting, the beauty of natural mineral is unveiled with this designer jewelry to proudly shine on your neck in the spotlight.


Luxury Tie Bar for the Independent and Stylish

Created by the world-renowned designer as a distinctive element of her own image, this luxury tie bar will add a strong eye-catching accent to your look and make you stand out from the crowd. The limited edition jewelry is created for both men and women who believe they deserve to be looked upon as an embodiment of independence, luxury and style.


Limited Series Jewelry

The On Edge series is limited to 13 unique copies. The designer collar pin is projected to become the first item in the capsule jewelry collection, which will also include brooches and studs.