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Marquina Black Marble Coffee Table - Niagara by Ekaterina Elizarova

NiagaraBlack Marble Coffee Table

Limited Edition

This black marble coffee table is inspired by Niagara Falls that represent a form of the ultimate triumph celebrated by the water element. The water unleashes its absolute power to create an astonishing, breathtaking picture. Sparkling cascades collapsing from the plateau inspired Ekaterina Elizarova to design the Niagara low table. The shape of the table legs refers to water freely falling down to the ground. They are made of shiny curved polished steel and walnut or, another available option, chestnut wood. The black marble top of this coffee table immediately reminds you of the plateau from which the water cascades down.


80x80x60 cm


Marble, steel and wood

Designer Cocktail Table Made in Italy - Niagara by Ekaterina Elizarova

Award-Winning Cocktail Table Made in Italy

The Niagara cocktail table is crafted in Italy. The sophisticated technology applied involves linking together all three materials, which differ greatly from each other. Only the most skillful artisans are capable of applying this technology properly. The contemporary coffee table was first showcased at the Salone Satellite exhibition which took place during the major event of Milan Design Week 2014. With Niagara, Ekaterina became a recipient of the Design and Design Award in Paris.


Designer Cocktail Table with Marquina Black Marble Top  - Niagara by Ekaterina Elizarova
Designer Low Table Made from Wood and Marble  - Niagara by Ekaterina Elizarova