Elizarova Design Studio

Manhattan DaybedUpholstered Bench with Bolsters

Manhattan Wardrobe collection for Giulia Novars

The Manhattan upholstered wood bench with leather bolsters is part of the Manhattan Wardrobe Closet Collection created by Ekaterina Elizarova in collaboration with one of the leading Russian furniture brands, Giulia Novars. This statement piece can be used as a daybed, dining bench or bedside bench.


Leather, walnut, fabric and metal.

Walnut Bench with Cushion Seat

While being part of the Manhattan wardrobe collection, this bench with cushion seat is self-sufficient and can either be utilized as a standalone item or be part of a furniture ensemble. The wood frame of the Manhattan bench is made from showy walnut which looks magnificently in every interior context. Metal insertions decorating junctions of the frame will resonate with other polished surfaces. The leather top is covered with fabric cushion seat and natural leather bolster pillows. Functional flexibility and visual versatility make this upholstered bench with bolsters an ideal choice for the entryway, hallway or living areas. It will add stylish comfort to any room in your home.