Elizarova Design Studio

ManhattanModern Wardrobe and Armoire Collection

Designed for Giulia Novars

The modern wardrobe and armoire collection, Manhattan, is created by Ekaterina Elizarova in collaboration with one of the leading Russian furniture brands, Giulia Novars. The collection is inspired by shiny skyscrapers of big cities and their unmistakable flair.


Walnut, glass and metal.

Contemporary Wardrobe Cabinets Inspired by Skyscrapers

Look at these straight, sharp vertical lines and the sun playing on the surface of metal and glass. What does this remind you of? Ekaterina chose to name this collection of contemporary wardrobe cabinets ‘Manhattan’ for their similarity to the skyscrapers which are flooding the most populated New York City borough.


Showy Designer Wardrobe Storage Made from Walnut, Steel and Glass

Stopsol glass, which is combined with American walnut in the design of this wardrobe storage, is commonly used to cover facades of office and residential units. A thin coating of metal oxides makes it transparent from one side, while its other side is pure mirror. The aerial anthracite-colored wardrobe door handles of metal and moldings enhance the resemblance of these modern armoires to the shiny giants of a big city.