Elizarova Design Studio
Modern Round Dining Table - Hexagon by Ekaterina Elizarova

HEXAGONModern Round Dining Table

This modern round dining table has its own story. Ekaterina Elizarova needed an unusual table for her studio, which had to both serve as a practical piece of furniture, providing a space for daily work-related communications, and showcase the designer’s style and taste to her clients. Hexagon is what this need translated into. The burl walnut table embodies clean design and perfect ergonomics.


Medium density fibreboard, burl walnut, steel and heat treated chestnut wood.

Unusual Dining Table - Hexagon by Ekaterina Elizarova
Designer Table for Six - Hexagon by Ekaterina Elizarova

Designer Table for Six

The six-edged burl walnut top of this designer table for six takes after graphite’s unit cells, which are formed by thin hexagons of atoms. Thanks to this shape, each of the six people who may be sitting at Hexagon is provided with equally comfortable, private space. This makes Hexagon an ideal modern round dining table for all kinds of activities, such as team brainstorming, negotiations with clients, or just taking a relaxing moment with a cup of coffee.


Contemporary Table for a Dining Room - Hexagon by Ekaterina Elizarova
Accent Table Crafted from Fine Natural Materials - Hexagon by Ekaterina Elizarova

Crafted from Fine Natural Materials

Just like all of Ekaterina’s works, Hexagon is produced from fine materials. Medium density fibreboard is veneered with walnut burl. Chrome plated steel table legs are decorated with insertions of heat treated chestnut wood.


This modern dining table made Ekaterina Elizarova a recipient of Design and Design Award in Paris.