Elizarova Design Studio

Smania HarrisonContemporary Luxury Double Bed

This contemporary luxury double bed is born from a unique collaboration. The 50-year old Italian company, Smania leads the way in designing and producing top luxury furniture in Europe. Over the course of decades, they had never collaborated with female designers - before Ekaterina Elizarova, who has also become the first and remains so far the only Russian designer to work with the top Italian luxury bedroom furniture manufacturer on new collections. The collaboration results in Harrison, the modern double bed.


Walnut, nubuck, and fabric. 

Rule-Breaker Bed with Headboard Made in Italy

Given the fact that the style of Smania had been dominated by the male influences over the course of decades, it is safe to say that the Harrison high-end bed with headboard is a game changer, or a rule breaker piece. The stylish design of this luxury double bed made in Italy blends the best of the male and the female together, achieving the perfect harmony.


Available at Harrods and Other Most Expensive Furniture Stores

Harrison was launched at Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan, the key design exhibition in Europe. The high-end bed has become part of the Contrast collection by Alessandro La Spada for Smania. Today, this designer piece of luxury bedroom furniture can be acquired at Harrods and other most expensive furniture stores across the world. Contact us to purchase Harrison, the modern luxury double bed by famous Russian designer, online at a comfortable price.