Elizarova Design Studio

GeometricModern Glass Lighting Pendants by Preciosa

The Geometric modern glass lighting pendants are a product of collaboration with Preciosa, one of the leading European and oldest glass manufacturers. The name has been suggested by the clean design and linear shape of these contemporary hanging lights. They feature a combination of two simple geometrical figures: a glass cylinder and a quadrangular brass base.


Glass, brass and metal.

Contemporary Light Fixtures Crafted from Glass and Brass

The simplicity of the shape is compensated by multiple furnishing options and contrasting materials making up these contemporary light fixtures. The glass cylinder is hand-faceted in three ways: bow lines, checks or rhombuses. The material gives birth to transparent flecks which as yet don’t capture all the attention. The emphasis with this pendant lighting collection belongs completely to the brass base of warm goldish color. In addition to brass, new options will be available for the base, such as chrome and bronze.

Designer Hanging Lights for a Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom

The clean and simple design makes the Geometric hanging lights very flexible when it comes to introducing them into an interior. Whether decorating a fine restaurant or adding a final touch to a living room, the Geometric lamps will be an appropriate element. These modern ceiling lights can both perform astonishingly as a stand-alone piece of glass art and play in an ensemble similar to that formed by constructivist buildings.