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Modern Home Bar Cabinet - Gentleman by Ekaterina Elizarova

GentlemanModern Home Bar Cabinet

Limited Edition

The Gentleman modern home bar cabinet is a self-sustainable object that requires no additional elements to fulfill its function. Inspired by the classic image of an English gentleman, this liquor cabinet is designed to be an embodiment of true gentleman masculinity. Its sole purpose is in being a man’s exclusive property that indicates his place in the high society,


Fine wood, metal, brushed steel, and black marble

Designer home bar cabinet in detail - Gentleman by Ekaterina Elizarova

Plaid Accent Liquor Cabinet

The Gentleman liquor cabinet is crafted from fine wood veneers and nubuck milled in a particular way. The use of natural materials makes each of the original copies unique because nature never repeats its drawing. The facades of this home bar cabinet are decorated with the plaid pattern hinting on the Scottish national dress. The pattern is formed by the lines of brushed steel and black marble squares. Gentleman is a numbered limited series item. The original copy number, the name of the cellarette and the designer’s name are laser engraved in the center of one of the squares.

Accent Plaid Liquor Cabinet - Gentleman by Ekaterina Elizarova
Showy Cellarette Made from Natural Fine Materials - Gentleman by Ekaterina Elizarova

Showy Cellarette Made from Natural Fine Materials

Plaid on the outside, the insides of this cellarette are grey monochrome of various materials: metal, nubuck, stitching, brushed steel and fine wood veneer representing a gentle variety of semi-tones and textures. The veneers are set at an angle of 45 degrees to each other thus forming a particular pattern. All inside edges of this accent drink cabinet are finished with metal.

Inside a home bar cabinet - Gentleman by Ekaterina Elizarova