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Designer Wall Lamps - FireBorn by Ekaterina Elizarova

FIREBORNDesigner Wall Lamps

These designer wall lamps are the grace of fire at its finest. Close your eyes and imagine a volcano. Imagine the fury of fire bursting out through the crevices, and tides of lava rising and running in all directions. This fantasy gave birth to the idea of FireBorn, the modern sconces by Ekaterina Elizarova. The fire turns clay to ceramic, from which the wall light fixtures are handcrafted by Italian artisans - while the lava inspires the fluidity of the shape.


Ceramics and special metal coating

Accent Designer Wall Sconces Made from Ceramics - FireBorn by Ekaterina Elizarova
Modern Ceramic Designer Wall Lights Made in Italy - FireBorn by Ekaterina Elizarova

Modern Ceramic Designer Wall Lights Made in Italy

With these contemporary sconces, the light pours gently through smooth lines of volcanic-like crevices. It is amplified by the snow-white finish on the inside. The surface of the FireBorn sconces is contrastingly deep, covered with a metalized coating that contains bits of platinum and copper. The modern ceramic wall lamps are produced by Bosa, one of the leading Italian lighting manufacturers. FireBorn will enhance the modern luxury design of a dining room, entryway, living room, foyer, sitting room, or kitchen.

Wall Sconce Design Resonating with Italian Art

The stylish designer wall lights, FireBorn, took the stage first at Salone Satellite during the Milan Design Week in 2014. Italian visitors of the exhibition claimed that these designer sconces reminded them of works of Lucio Fontana, an Italian sculptor, painter and theorist who founded Spatialism, and had strong ties to Arte Povera. Fontana would pierce and slash the surface of his canvases to break the membrane of two-dimensionality, and highlight the space behind the picture. Indeed, the design of the FireBorn sconces bears an unmistakable resemblance to paintings of the famous Italian artist. Later on, the wall lights won the Design and Design award in Paris.