Elizarova Design Studio

Dual Floor LightModern Double-Bulb Floor Lamp

The Dual modern double-bulb floor lamp is inspired by fantasy comes directly from the world of might and magic. A long time ago, the noble houses of a Westeros-like world clashed in a final crucial battle which opened a door into interdimensional space. A wizard fell in the battle and lost his staff, which was immediately caught up by the winds that blow between the worlds, and landed in our dimension. The magic of electricity lit it up again and turned it into this beautiful floor light, a home decoration that awakens your fantasy.

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Edison Standing Light Fixture

The Dual Edison standing light fixture is designed to be handcrafted from glass and metal. The key element of the sparkling staff is two prominent round Edison bulbs which create a soft, ambient lighting effect - magical and mysterious. The tube is made from hand blown glass in multiple hue options, one of which is the pink hue inspired by the Murano glass widely used in Venetian architecture. Each of the three parts of the tube features one of the three decoration options: rhombuses, circular lines, or straight vertical lines.