Elizarova Design Studio

CRYSTALISTAOctagonal Vanity Wall Mirror

This octagonal vanity wall mirror is included in the Crystalista collection inspired by natural crystal, a substance that poets, musicians, and other artists have long associated with the mystery and magic of nature. The mesmerizing ensemble of growing crystals emchanted Ekaterina Elizarova, and prompted the idea of these unusual designer mirrors.


Silver and bronze mirrors, high-gloss varnish medium density fibreboard

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Big Mirror with Black or White Frame

The Crystalista big mirror is comprised of two octagons of different size. The frame of Crystalista is made from a special blend of medium density fibreboard with two color options: black or white. The bronze insertions decorating this octagon vanity mirror, further emphasize the similarity with a crystal. Three different geometric figures combined in Crystalista 2 make it an outstanding interior element of a bedroom or other rooms.

Modern Decorative Mirror for Fine Bedroom

Once introduced into your fine bedroom, the Crystalista modern decorative mirror will add a sense of artistry to the boudoir design. This luxury accessory will be an irresistible eye-catcher for your guests if made part of a sitting room. The geometry of this stunning octagonal wall mirror has the power to capture your attention and boost your imagination — just have the courage to let the mysterious power of nature in.