Elizarova Design Studio

Chapiteau PorscheBlack Lighting Pendants

Limited Edition of Porsche Collection

These black lighting pendants called Porsche for a reason. When a shiny sports car suddenly appears on the street all eyes are on it, the pure embodiment of luxury and style. Their image inspires and drives imagination. Ekaterina Elizarova, an internationally acclaimed designer from Russia, caught the inspiration and created Porsche, the limited edition extension of the Chapiteau ceramic pendant lights that have enjoyed success and earned acclaim on the international design scene.


170 х 300 mm


Hand-painted ceramics.

Hanging Lights for Living Room and Other Home Areas

The clean and stylish design makes Chapiteau Porsche perfect hanging lights for living room, bedroom, entryway and any other home area. The playful alternation of matte and gloss creates a stylish duochrome effect. The two types of surfaces reflect the light in two different ways giving live to a charming shimmer. Just like a sports car, the Porsche lamps embody luxury, style and delight


Modern Pendant Lamps Made in Italy

The Chapiteau Porsche modern pendant lamps are made in Italy by Bosa, a luxury lighting brand. Hand-painted ceramic surface makes each of the 300 copies individual and authentic. The Porsche lamps were first presented at the ARCH Moscow fair.