Elizarova Design Studio

BUTTERFLYModern Double Glass Pendant Lights

Lighting Collection

These contemporary double glass pendant lights are inspired by little flying creatures. When darkness falls, the children of the day find shelter until the dawn, and the seed of Nyx comes up, summoned by the moonlight. Among them, you will find the night butterflies, attracted to fire and any object that even slightly glows in the dark. They approach the flames and the heat just to burn in a flash. Ekaterina Elizarova has captured the moment in which the fire and the little creature become one and interpreted it in the design of the Butterfly pendant lighting collection.


Glass and metal.

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Versatile Hanging Lamp Design

The design of the Butterfly hanging lamps is truly versatile. The two cups made from hand blown glass are an immediate reference to the light wings with their distinctive patterns. The variety of glass hues and socket color options provides versatility, allowing you to integrate the multicolored lighting pendants into various interiors whether is is a bedroom, living room, guest room or entryway,