Elizarova Design Studio
Modern Round Chandelier Design - Belvedere by Ekaterina Elizarova

Belvedere round chandelierModern Round Chandelier Design


Architecture has always provided designers who create furniture, lighting, and home accessories with ideas. As the name of the Belvedere collection suggests, this modern round chandelier design was inspired by an architectural structure which allows a beautiful view of the surroundings. The lamps literally repeat the shape of a house crowned with a cupola and, on the top of it, a big ring.


Metal, glass, and fine wood

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Each lamp of this contemporary ceiling lighting fixture is a metal cup enclosed in a bowl of handblown glass. Together, the two glittery materials create a super gloss effect, and the lamps do not just emit light but also reflect it. The ring-shaped axis which holds eight lamps, and the top arm are made in fine wood and have edges lined with metal.