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Designer Marble Pendant Lights

AndromedaDesigner Marble Pendant Lights


The Andromeda designer pendant lights are the first item to the Andromeda lighting collection by Ekaterina Elizarova, bringing the astonishing beauty of outer space down to earth. Designed exclusively for the Italian lighting brand, Matlight Milano, these showy modern hanging lamps use black marble, transparent glass and shiny brass to deliver a cosmic experience right into your home.


Black marble, glass and brass.

Modern Hanging Lights Made in Italy

Cloudy black marble makes up the handles of these modern hanging lights made in Italy by Matlight Milano. “The technology behind Andromeda is pure magic. Patterns of natural marble never repeat themselves, so even stonecutters cannot say what the final surface will look like”, says Ekaterina. Each of the Andromeda pendant lights can perform astonishingly both as a solo piece and in a group. The collection also includes the Flute table lamp with marble base and the Coppa black marble table lamp. The Andromeda pendant lights were first showcased at FuoriSalone 2016 in Italy.