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B&W-limited collection by Ekaterina Elizarova

On July 20, 2020, the first pilot exhibition of collectible Russian design called "Subject dialogue" was launched in Moscow, organized by the gallery “Eritazh”. "Subject dialogue" is dedicated to the phenomenon named “functional sculpture”, and focuses on the synergetic effect of design and art through the dialogue of authors whose works are the embodiment of a historical heritage, passed through the prism of their own worldview and individual techniques.

Two of the most extravagant representatives of the B&W-limited collection by Ekaterina Elizarova were included in 1 of the 18 projects of the exhibition, embodying a tribute to the legendary Kazimir Malevich's “Black Square” with a more modern perspective. Ekaterina Elizarova materialized the fantasies of supremacist-style artists in a radically new form: twelve coffee tables with marble countertops. B&W was created for the 100th anniversary of the acclaimed painting. The world premiere of the collection took place at the New York gallery at an exhibition dedicated to the founder of the Suprematism art movement — Malevich.

In the twentieth century, Malevich formed Suprematism as a movement of avant-garde art, in which painting in its everyday representation has long passed, and at the head of the corner stand sensations, depth and merging of energies. The "Black Square" is a naked icon, an invitation to a new space of other dimensions and pure sensations of perception. It is the starting point and the original element of being, plunging into its own emptiness. "Black Square" opens a new way where there is no place to define form and color, where static and dynamic peace merge into a single image of an infinite deepening into the abyss. Malevich's Suprematism in one way or another influenced the whole of European constructivism, which was manifested in the borrowing of a number of formal findings by constructivists, but the ideas never reached the true spirit of Suprematism, as it was with many imitators of Malevich.

Ekaterina Elizarova, in her B&W collection, reflects the new inspiration of Suprematism in modern design. Each instance of designer tables is unique: the noble materials of marble and wood with a natural exclusive texture combined with the manufacturing work of Italian artisans embody pure energy. Her B&W tables are a striking example of the relativity of the reading of a being, where there is no place for color, where there is a place for the perception of depth and energy, space and sensations. Where every black element every white element are completely different, just like our ideas. The black nature of marble, high-gloss lacquer and rare wood species serve as keys to transition into your own space of sensations and perception. Allow yourself something new in your space, another perception of the shape of a naked icon: contrasts of ovals embodying objects that certainly become the main focus of attention.

The black oval is the new "Black Square". This modern interpretation has introduced the aesthetics of smoothed forms, enhancing the image of endless immersion, combining in itself the beginning and the end. Color and shape merge in a single rush giving space the energy of a collectible design. The B&W limited collection defies globalization — it is an absolute creation created for someone who is ready, open and full of inspiration.

Russian design in the hands of a master can again lead the aesthetics, function and economy. It is able to create a new vector in which the driving forces will be just the emotions of the viewer, his individual sign construction, and not the assessment of demand. But to feel the full power of the new design era you need to behold. Welcome to a new world with a limited collection of B&W coffee tables. Enjoy!