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Airflot Technics Stand at NAIS 2020 Exhibition Designed by Elizarova Design Studio

On February 5th and 6th, the Crocus Expo in Moscow hosts the largest industry event in Russia for
professionals involved in the development and modernization of route networks and civil aviation
infrastructure, including airports, airfields, helicopter centers, airlines and other aircraft operators: NAIS

Elizarova Design Studio was invited for the second year in a row to design the Airflot Technics stand.
Airflot Technics trading house (AFT) is a comprehensive integrator for equipping airports and transport
infrastructure facilities.

AFT is a leader in providing and supplying transport infrastructure facilities. Here is a small part of the
company's capabilities:

  • • Baggage and cargo handling systems
  • • Aviation security equipment
  • • Special equipment for aircraft maintenance
  • • Equipment for air terminals and cargo terminals
  • • Furniture for airport terminals and business lounges
  • • Emergency equipment

The company's partner brands are also represented at the AFT stand. These are leading industry players
such as Kaspersky Lab, Dimark, Giulio Marelli, Vitra and Real. AFT's subsidiary, the ambitious B2Scan
brand, holds a special place.

The NAIS convention in numbers:

  • • 125 participating companies representing technologies and products from 14 countries
  • • 3400 + civil aviation infrastructure professionals from 63 regions of Russia and 30 other countries
  • • 155 delegations representing 234 Russian and foreign airports and airlines
  • • 46 mass media companies report from NAIS in the days of the exhibition, including the leading federal channels


NAIS is a successful business platform for demonstrating the latest developments and innovative
products for airline infrastructure, as well as finding new suppliers and partners. Over 125 participants
present solutions from 14 countries to specialists and managers of airports, airlines and other aircraft