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Business lounge concept for Elizovo Airport Public Space Design Concept

As a key airport welcoming visitors from Asian nations, the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky’s Elizovo Airport interior needs to impress business travelers and other guests. Elizarova Design Studio accomplishes this by applying its experience to leverage the tremendous artistic possibilities offered by the peninsula’s landscapes in public space design.

Airport Interior Design - Elizarova Design Studio

Plants in Interior Design

The splendor of Kamchatka’s nature shows through in colors, finishes, and especially plants in the interior design. The complex color scheme with flourishing greenery both reflects the richness of Kamchatka’s skylines and highlights the signature style of the studio’s founder, Ekaterina Elizarova. 

Passengers visiting the lounge are fascinated with breathtaking views of the volcano through its abundant windows. In this public space design, the calm, grayish-blue of the sky commingles seamlessly with the white suggested by the majestic snow-capped mountains, bringing out the vibrancy of the greenery.

Green in Interior Design - Elizarova Design Studio

Grey and Green Landscape

The predominantly grey and green interior of the airport lounge is a perfect embodiment of regional nature in public space design. Going beyond colors, the designer brings across the peninsula’s sense of seismic instability through the uneven, broken up layout of the lounge.


Grey and Green Interior Design - Elizarova Design Studio

The smoothly flowing lines and rounded angles suggest the image of waves lapping against a snowy beach. Brass elements sparkle like flecks of sunlight against the subdued backdrop, imparting a cozy, meditative feeling in the airport interior design.


Airport Business Lounge Interior - Elizarova Design Studio
Vitra and Morelli in Airport Interior Design Concept - Elizarova Design Studio

Airport Interior Design Concept with a Signature Touch

Ekaterina Elizarova’s personal approach further reveals itself in the choices to use fine natural materials and call on leading international brands – Vitra and Morelli – in the airport interior concept. Pieces from the designer’s own collection such as the irresistible Chapiteau ceramic lighting pendants, complete the impeccable style of this public space design.

Airport Business Lounge Design Concept - Elizarova Design Concept
Chapiteau Pendants in Airport Enquiry Counter Design - Elizarova Design Studio