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Name Restaurant Interior Design Elegant Modern Décor in White

Situated on Moscow’s busy Pyatnitskaya Street, Name Café & Karaoke is popular for its signature cuisine born from its talented chef’s bold experiments with international specialties. The rather elaborate original restaurant interior design, however, was built in a style no longer in vogue and required renovation. Elizarova Design Studio vindicated the restaurant proprietors’ faith in its sense of style by creating a modern décor in white meant to withstand the test of time.

Modern Decor in White - Elizarova Design Studio
Clean Restaurant Design Concept - Elizarova Design Studio

Clean Restaurant Design Concept

The new restaurant design concept resulted in a clean and stately dining area, uncluttered by the multitude of objects that once filled it. Ekaterina’s zoning solution freed up the space, giving it a newfound feeling of openness and splendor. The abundant use of white characterises an airy, yet solid, light interior design.


Leather Chairs and Glass Pendants in Restaurant Interior - Elizarova Design Studio
Contemporary Interior in White and Grey - Elizarova Design Studio

Contemporary Interior in White and Grey

Colourful accents in the solid black leather chairs and deep grey velvet sofa upholstery make a striking statement against the elevated tones of the white contemporary interior. The use of the fashionable greenery color in chair and bar stool upholstery imparts a note of spring freshness to the white and grey interior design of the restaurant.

White Columns in Interior Design - Elizarova Design Studio

Functional and Cozy Restaurant Space

The updated interior design includes a functional and cozy restaurant layout plan. Moving the bar from the central area to the wall has opened up and visually expanded the middle of the main area.

Long sofas connect the tables, forming a soft zone in the restaurant interior design. Rather than isolate the patrons from each other, this design solution encourages casual interaction. The flexible restaurant layout plan allows parties to easily reshape the space according to their needs and tastes.

Marble Floor Tiles - Elizarova Design Studio
Preciosa Geometric Pendants in Restaurant - Elizarova Design Studio

Bespoke Design Solutions, from the Marble Floor Tiles Up

Ekaterina Elizarova’s inimitable touch shows in the checkered marble floor tile pattern, as well as in the vertical stripe finish of the large gypsum pillars and wainscoting panels.

The complex geometry of the ceiling inherited from the original building plan posed a particular challenge when renovating the restaurant interior design. Elizarova Design Studio needed to smooth it over while keeping in mind the needs of air ventilation and other utility lines.

The studio came up with a dual ceiling structure featuring a large bronze tinted mirror. The designer's signature style further reveals itself in the flecks of light on its reflective surface. The brass and glass lighting pendants, Geometric, designed by Ekaterina for the famous Czech Preciosa enhance the play of light in the restaurant interior design.