Masculine Pied-À-Terre - Elizarova Design Studio

Masculine Pied-À-Terre Man Cave Decor of a Studio Apartment

Ekaterina Elizarova designed this masculine pied-à-terre in a skyscraper for a man who most of the time lives in a suburban private house. The client wanted his studio apartment to be a pure men’s den where he could find a personal safe harbor to meditate and recharge. For this project, Elizarova Design Studio came up with some of the best man cave decor ideas.

Open-Floor Studio Apartment Design - Elizarova Design Studio

Open-Floor Studio Apartment Design

Picture windows offer sweeping city views. The open-floor studio apartment design enhances the sense of space and fluidity as home areas merge in the pied-à-terre. The entrance hall flows seamlessly into the living room, while the kitchen is a single whole with the dining room. Only the bedroom with an adjacent bathroom is visually separated by a partition wall. All studio apartment layout elements are designed by Elizarova Design Studio, including partitions, portals, and fireplaces.


Entrance Hall Table - Elizarova Design Studio

Stylish Straight-Line Kitchen

The masculine pied-à-terre boasts an uncompromisingly stylish straight-line kitchen, elegantly concealed behind a mobile facade when not in use, leaving only a decorative boiserie wall within sight. This simple yet effective design trick ensures the cleanness and solidness of the man cave decor.

Home Decor for Men - Elizarova Design Studio

Contemporary Luxury In Home Decor for Men

When introducing luxury in home decor for men, designers should be very careful so that it does not come out as too exuberant. Elizarova Design Studio opted for exquisite workmanship and fine finishes, as Ekaterina’s signature feature, to create a noble feel with the masculine pied-à-terre. The entire concept is built upon tactile and visual sensations provided by leather, metal, glass and fine wood processed in the most delicate and tasteful manner.


Man Cave Decor of a Studio Apartment - Elizarova Design Studio

Pied-À-Terre Interior Boasting High-Profile Design Brands

Personal meticulous curation of furniture, lighting, and accessories for interior design is Ekaterina’s another signature feature. This pied-à-terre boasts some of the finest samples of the Italian furniture industry and designer objects.


Tactile Baxter Couch by Vincenzo de Cotiis in Interior - Elizarova Design Studio

A jewel of the living room, the incredible dark chocolate Tactile Baxter couch is one of the many unique pieces created by Vincenzo de Cotiis at the intersection of furniture design and sculpture art. The striking grey Quadrilatte rug, a limited-edition collaboration between Ekaterina Elizarova and Urban Fabric Rugs, provides it with a proper context.

De Gournay Chinoiserie Wallpaper in Bedroom - Elizarova Design Studio

The De Gournay Chinoiserie wallpaper lays a visual foundation of the bedroom. Another work of de Cotiis, the Ceccotti bed on the Quadrilatte rug is a central element of the area. The Geometric glass pendants designed by Ekaterina for the famous Czech Preciosa complete the haute couture men’s decor.

Ceccotti Bed by Vincenzo de Cotiis, Quadrilatte Rugs and Preciosa Geometric Pendants by Ekaterina Elizarova - Elizarova Design Studio
Giorgetti Table by Carlo Colombo in the Dining Room - Elizarova Design Studio

The Giorgetti round table by Carlo Colombo plays out as an accent feature of the dining room. The unusual texture of its top is an immediate eye-catcher, making it one of the most prominent parts of the story with this masculine pied-à-terre.